• Dalmec offer an after sales service second to none as we have a team of fully trained Dalmec engineers, unlike many other suppliers who are reliant upon sub-contractors.
  • Naturally, in order to obtain optimum performance for any type of production-linked machinery, regular maintenance is essential and Dalmec offer a Preventative Maintenance Contract for every manipulator installed thus ensuring a long, trouble-free, economic and productive equipment lifetime.
  • The Preventative Maintenance Contract consists of a thorough examination and inspection of the specified equipment with all necessary adjustments and checking of all recommended lubricants.
    Regular checks can detect early signs of wear and tear and therefore, reducing the risk of breakdown that could result in loss of production and earnings due to down time.
  • All Dalmec Engineers carry a substantial stock of spares within their vehicles to cover most eventualities so wear and tear parts can be replaced during the service visit. This eliminates the need for a return site visit, thus providing a cost savings to the customer as the works can be carried out during the one site visit.
  • Dalmec provide an Instruction Manual with each manipulator sold which includes basic regular maintenance procedures and a pneumatic circuit diagram complete with a full list of all pneumatic parts.
  • Dalmec Limited hold an extensive stock of spare parts at our Basingstoke site thus enabling us to despatch spare parts on a daily basis.

Machine Identification

  • Every Manipulator is identified with a metallic plate mounted on the cover of the pneumatic box.
  • The plate provides information on the machine type and registration/serial number. You will need this information when enquiring on or ordering any spare parts.